Monday, 30 January 2012

RTA Scam

Hi I've been reading many scams regarding RTA, god i wish i had seen them before entering an agreement. My business has been on the market with them since 10th Nov 2008, 3 whole years!!
I then got a letter just before Christmas 2011 and they have terminated the contract due to not being able to agree a sale!
In this time i have had 2 phone calls if that which were in the first few weeks, and until this letter terminating the contract that's been all the contact i have had.
I paid £500+vat upfront and now they want another £500+vat for them terminating the agreement. Its mad that they can get away with this and god are they abusive. I have told them i'am not paying them and now i have got a court summons, and have got 7 days to pay up, and i haven't got the money with Christmas, just paid my tax bill its coming all ways.

I have been doing some digging on them today and found out that RTA can't sell residential property, part or full. I have found out from the office of fair trading that they need to be in a scheme called a REDRESS SCHEME and they are not. My property consists of 2 retail units and a 2 bed residential flat over the top. From gaining this info could anyone advise me on if this would help the situation, because i feel as it now stands they have broken the law and shouldn't have even took my property on there books.

I would be grateful for any advise.